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Have you heard? They have a whole new museum of the Bible in Washington D.C., it’s called the Museum of the Bible. This 430,000 square foot building dedicated to the Bible allows visitors to learn about the Bible and how it has impacted peoples and nations throughout history with the latest use of technology and visual displays. It’s an eight floor building just overlooking the Capital building all about the Bible and its influence. To see the a video about the museum click here. Also read below to learn about the Scriptorium at The Holy Land Experience.

"Eating Bible"
Click on the links below to help you "Eat Bible".

An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scriptures
by Dr. Andrew Davis

Why and How to Memorize Scripture
by John Piper


Have you had your daily intake of bible?
If not, click here and join us eating the Bible with C.C.C.’s Bible Reading Plan.


Do you enjoy and cherish reading your Bible? Do you find the Bible difficult to read and understand sometimes? Now imagine you had to learn another language to read and understand the Bible? Thank God many have given their lives physically, and many have devoted their lives to making the Bible available in every language. Wycliffe Bible Translators is one of those organizations and they celebrated their 75th anniversary. To learn about their anniversary we encourage you to click here and read this short article by Veronica Neffinger. Also you can learn about John Wycliffe by clicking here and reading Stephen Nichols' article at the Desiring God ministry website. And finally to learn about the Wycliffe Bible Translators click here or on there logo above.

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