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S.o.S.  --  Sermons on Sundays  --  S.o.S.

Every Sunday Morning,  Join us in our continuing study through Gods word from our current series, as we study the hard but necessary look at the sin and wickedness of mankind in his natural and unredeemed state, and the salvation offered through our Saviour Jesus Christ, beginning with the roots of why most people disbelieve in the existence of God, and what they can do to change that.

F.S.G.  --  Family Shepherd Group  --  F.S.G.

Every third Tuesday at 7 PM. All of our people (including guests) are invited to join us in this community group to continue our biblical study. This meeting take place at various locations, bring a snack and beverage to share! For location information and directions, contact Pastor Bernie at:


L.S.G.  --  Ladies Shepherd Group  --  L.S.G.

Every third Tuesday at 7 PM. Ladies meeting deals with issues affecting godly women today and how to apply biblical truth and wisdom to help women lead a victorious christian life. This take place at various locations - bring a snack and beverage to share! For location information and directions, contact Mary Diaz at:


M.S.G.  --  Men's Shepherd Group  --  M.S.G.

Every third Tuesday at 7 PM. Men's meeting deals with issues affecting godly men today and how to apply biblical truth and wisdom to help men lead a victorious christian life. This take place at various locations - bring a snack and beverage to share! For location information and directions, contact  Pastor Bernie Diaz at:


W.O.W.   - -  Wisdom on Wednesday  --  W.O.W.

Last Wednesday of every month, W.O.W. (Wisdom on Wednesday) at 8 PM. Be a part of our new Facebook Live broadcast (the last Wednesday of every month), where Pastor Bernie answers questions and deals with controversies from the Bible from online viewers (at Christ Community Church of Pembroke Pines) in and out of the church: sinners, skeptics and believers from our community and around the nation. Contribute a “live” question and invite a friend- particularly the lost among us, to join in! If you have a good and concise question you would like answered, send it to Bernie at

This monthly feature Lord willing, promises to be a thought-provoking, outreach to our community and an edifying and encouraging tool of wisdom for the church both near and far, which will be somewhat familiar to those that experience “open response” time on Sundays mornings at C.C.C.


BRP: Jump in to our Bible Reading Plan at any point, you will be blessed by daily Bible reading...

Join us every Sunday morning for prayers at 9:45 AM in preparation for worship. We pray that the Holy Spirit will stir the hearts of our people – new people included, to come and pray corporately with God’s people.  

Shepherd Group Schedule: Tri-weekly scheduled monthly meeting, for each of our three small-group or “Shepherd group” meetings of discipleship on Tuesday nights at 7PM. For detailed information about FSG (Family Shepherd Group) or MSG (Mens Shepherd Group) contact Pastor Bernie at: or for information about LSG (Ladies Shepherd Group) contact: women's ministry leader Mary Diaz at:

Please take some time to review these two great resources to help us on our Christian walk from The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches.



Pray As You Go - Coram Deo: live and pray this week as in constant communion and fellowship with our God (Coram Deo), and please  take some of your private or devotional time with God and our church’s monthly prayer guide this week to pray for our church family. Add these to your monthly prayer guide…

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.
With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people."
-- Ephesians 6:18 (NIV) --

Selected Prayers of Supplication from Monthly Prayer Guide:

  • PRAY for God’s grace of knowledge and wisdom for our preaching and teacher elder/pastors to properly study, understand and prepare to feed our flock with the monumental and challenging book that is Romans, which has been called the very ‘constitution of the Christian faith.’
  • PRAY for our church families to read the Bible together in this years (BRP), to let the word of Christ dwell richly, drinking deeply from the wells of salvation and know, with their whole hearts, that “it is your life” (Deuteronomy 32:47).

  • PRAY for our church to become a house of corporate prayer. That more of our members would be part of our Sunday morning prayer meeting so God would grow our ministry in depth and breadth.

  • PRAY as per the monthly prayer guide, for God’s grace of provision, wisdom and gospel opportunity to go to our missions partners both near and far.  

  • PRAY for the world one day at a time through Operation World ministry click here to  learn about todays nation. To download a mobile app to your phone click here.

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”
- Martin Luther King Jr. -


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